Glamour Boutique presents the best collection of the new season: the incredible renaissance of Gucci with Alessandro Michele, the provocative style of Christian Louboutin, and the impeccable temptation of Tom Ford. Find your own unique recipe for the perfect style and enjoy the hits from the best fashion houses of the world.



In the new season, the sculptor of ideal silhouettes, Azzedine Alaia plays with the feminine shape, emphasizing its beauty, hiding imperfections, and praising its beauty to the heavens. Alaia makes key accents: A-line dresses, flowing skirts, and transparent blouses.


 Sarah Burton continues to shine with her magnificent skills and again creates the incredibly fabulous Alexander McQueen collection.


The designer was inspired by delicate, fragile, brave, and bold images.  Despite plenty of lace, ruffles, beads, and powdery shades, Burton creations are full of leather, trouser suits, military coats, and washed denim.


For the menswear collection, Sarah created images of brave sailors. The collection contains mermaids, underwater monsters, anchors, and compass prints as a pseudo –tattoo.


Who else we should ask about the most fashionable people in New York if not Alexander Wang? In honor of the anniversary of the brand (10 years!), the designer decided to answer an important question: “How to be cool?” and shows how to dress up the Wang’s “gang”.


Striped jackets, over-size jumpsuits, shirt-dresses, leather pants, and torn shorts – Alexander decided to teach a lesson on street style and created absolute “must haves” for your wardrobe.


In the new season, Oliver Rousteing continues to bring to perfection his favorite “seductive” theme. Luxurious dresses, cropped tops, pencil skirts, and skinny pants. Updated “chips:” pockets, rivets, mesh, and sand shades.


Both the women’s and menswear collections are still full of their exclusive tangles.



 This spring and summer the heroes of Thomas Mayer are going outside of the city and exploring the forest. Camouflage, animal prints, and all shades of khaki are the main components Bottega Veneta’s new collection.


It is worth noting that not all the collection is presented in the “forest theme” – the designer plays with bright colors and different textures.



The favorite tradition of Brunello Cucinelli is the combination of luxury and comfort. Elegant skirts, cozy cashmere blouses, and loose pastel color pants are the constant components of chic, according to the Italian brand.


The menswear collection demonstrates an ideal summer look: pastel color suits with shorts instead of trousers.


Phoebe Philo, creative director of Celine, was one of the first to make trend-wearing underwear as the main element of the garment. This season the designer created slip dresses and shows how to wear “shirts” in everyday life.


Fortunately, Philo does not focus on one fashion trend only: she plays with oversized silhouettes and decorates dresses and suits with puffed sleeves.


The premium class men’s suits designed by Cesare Attolini are timeless. Made by hand, they perfectly emphasize the shape of the body, with a fitted silhouette, a narrower sleeve and a high lapel, declaring the status of the owner from the first second.


The new collection of the brand is made in classic colors: blue, creamy gray, and tomato red, a characteristic element of this collection is plaid in all its variations.


Christian Louboutin is a synonym of provocative style and continues to build a cult of red-soled shoes.


The designer paints Kate and Pigalle in bright colors, but at the same time he remembers the fashion boom and creates a bright wedges.


For the greatest comfort he designed espadrilles on high platform and woven sneakers.   Clutches of Sweet Charity and the elegant bags of Paloma are the best additions to the image.


Looking at the world through Chrome Hearts sunglasses means to have special vision, because each model is a piece of art!


This season exclusive glasses are made from the best leather, high-quality plastic, and precious metals with the characteristic elements of Gothic style – lilies, beautiful crosses and daggers.


CRUCIANI is a true classic in luxury knitwear; nothing extra, only elegance and quality.


V-neck and round neck sweaters, weightless cardigans, and polos made out of carefully selected yarns of the finest Egyptian cotton give a sense of comfort to their owners.


The historic Dior collection (Raf Simons made the latest creations for the fashion house) deserves your special attention.


Bright colors, smooth lines, and flowing fabrics are the absolute symbols of innocence that Simons pointed as the leitmotifs of his collection. Calm, gentle and a truly romantic collection!


This spring and summer Dolce & Gabbana offer the motto “Italy is love” as their life’s credo.

Domenico and Stefano have collected all the symbols of Italy: Rome, Florence, Palermo, Portofino, and Capri.  Each image represents characteristic prints, embroidery, and original accessories that have special energy and create a desire to dive into the history of the country.

Do not forget to take a selfie as a souvenir – just like the models on the Dolce & Gabbana runway.


In contrast to the women’s collection, the menswear collection is devoted to mysterious Asia. The Italian duo was inspired by one of the most outstanding buildings of Palermo – the Chinese palace in the Parco della Favorita.


The designers adapted their original and recognizable style to the oriental spirit: flowery paints, birds of paradise, and Chinese architecture.


Dean and Dan Caten mixed everything in their new collection: the Barbados islands and surfing.  Jumpsuits with tattoos, bandage dresses, lace-up sandals, and pareo cover-up skirts created in acidic colors and filled with the healthy energy of the two brothers.


The menswear collection is also created in bright colors, with complex laces and pseudo tattoos. The main difference in the menswear collection is a lot of denim and brutal images.



Despite cooperation with many brands, Karl Lagerfeld cannot make the Fendi collection like anything else and always surprises his fans.


This season, the designer interprets the Renaissance in casual chic. Dresses and blouses with puffed sleeves are combined with rough leather, Victorian cuts with geometric prints and high-collared blouses with mini shorts. Any resident of the Renaissance at least would have been surprised.


Everything was in confusion in the Gucci House:  the new creative director of the brand, Alessandro Michele, pleasantly surprised the guests! Alessandro Michele’s was recently appointed as a head the Italian fashion house – another step towards a bright future for the designer and the brand itself. After Frida Giannini’s ten years of work as creative director of Gucci, the new collection appears in a new role, combining openness, shock, and aristocratism; full of reverence to the sixties and seventies. It is obvious that a new version of well-forgotten old things gives a triumphant result.



The tendency to wear a slip dress is gaining new momentum and, it seems, has the potential to become global. La Perla understands this trend like no one else, and raises the level even higher.


The total-white-look of the lace bra, silk shirt, and trousers will attract the fan’s attention.  For those who appreciate harmonious elegance, the designers offer the body combined with silk trousers. For the followers of true luxury there is the black body decorated with crystals and a tulle jumpsuit.


Larusmiani has continued it’s traditions and values for​​ more than 90 years. This combination of tradition and innovation is an important factor of their success.


The new menswear collection includes classic made by hand suits, bright color shirts, plaid jackets, and cardigans made out of cotton linen, silk, and cashmere. Important accents: scarves with prints, elegant belts, and shoes.


The new Spring – Summer collection of 2016 reflects the philosophy of the brand: a respectable classic style plus exclusive fabrics and contemporary details. Summer trousers, cotton shirts, and dresses, are presented in rich colors.


The accessory line includes leather belts, light scarves, and multifunctional bags. Comfortable shoes are a priority.


The main leitmotif of the new spring – the summer collection is a rave.


Before we bought the A-silhouette dresses, flat lace shoes and flowery necklaces, but today we are witnessing the provocative images of translucent dresses, striped blouses, skirts, and rough lacquer shoes. Every detail of the image looks like stylish clothing but if you put them together – it looks very impressive!


Giambattista Valli did not change his favorite floral motifs: daisies and lilies of the valley are at the center of attention.


The  new MONCLER GAMME ROUGE collection is full of tenderness, but the designer does not forget about the main direction of the brand – sport. Delicate “baby doll” dresses are decorated with contrasting zippers. Hoodies and tracksuits, on the contrary, are decorated with big flowers.


Unlike his colleagues, Tom Brown, the creative director of Moncler Gamme Bleu, decided to go the other way and played on contrasts.  He “painted” his collection in a big variety of colors.


This season the fans of grunge, led by Courtney Love inspired Hedi Slimane.


Maxi lace dresses, camouflage shirts, leather pants, and high boots – Slimane continues to show slight negligence, but this time he offers his fans tiaras, giving them the opportunity to become princesses of grunge.


Santoni again offers perfect comfort. The classic oxfords, suede shoes, comfortable sleepers, woven shoes, and perforated loafers – the fans of the brand have a difficult choice in the new season.



Scabal is a symbol of the respectable classic in the menswear world. This season the designers follow their priorities again; exclusive fabrics with diamond-coated silk, close attention to details, and impeccable made by hand workmanship.



This luxury Italian brand was founded for true esthetes and perfectionists. Suits, cotton and silk shirts, knitted cardigans, exclusive silk ties, pocket squares with original prints, light scarves, and hats. The accessories line presents big bags and snakeskin suitcases.

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Stefano Ricci is an ideal choice for those who are accustomed to Italian luxury.


Tod’s is an Italian company that combines the elegant and casual. Alessandra Facchinetti, creative designer of the fashion House, re-creates an impeccable collection of shoes: loafers with colored soles, pastel shaded desert boots, perforated sneakers, and the key item of this brand – an incredibly comfortable moccasin.



This season Tom Ford surprised us more than ever!  He presented his new collection in a Lady Gaga music video “I want your love,” not on a runway. The girls are dancing wearing shiny dresses, embroidered with sequins, lace blouses, metallic skirts, and shoes with recognizable keys.


The boys move to the beat of the music in immaculate suits made out of fabrics with a pearl effect.